• Dress Rehearsal

    A double innuendo here.

    Yes, I want to talk about dresses.

    Now I love them! After years of wearing separates all the time, except for the most special occasions when only an evening dress would fit the bill. I love them for day, even in the cold with my black thermal leggings, socks hidden by my lovely new ankle boots (just bought my third pair this autumn) and a jersey camisole. Whether a grey two-tone jersey dress, a black drape and pleat dress or my favourite, a steel print mid-calf length dress and now looking forward to this week's navy cowl dress pictured online and the new drape dress with pleats on the shoulder. All smart and comfortable dresses that will take you from morning to evening. So desk to dinner!

    My top tip... If you have an occasion coming up, try on your outfit with the right tights, shoes, bag and jewellery, and smoothing underwear. Not once, but regularly. The number of ladies who right that they have an event "next week" and their dress is too small, too big, can we fast track their shoes, etc. Not that they haven't left plenty of time before choosing the all important dress, but simply because it no longer fits them, wrong length for the shoes, can't get the right undies. My tip, enjoy your party event by wearing it a couple of times, sit in it, stand in it, check the accessories, and on the day, leave plenty of time to relax, pop your make-up on (with a good primer so it will last), and change your dress rehearsal into the main event Life is not a dress rehearsal, it’s to be enjoyed, every single day, while you can!


    Posted by Peter Gibson
  • Chesca & Question Time

    What has fashion label, chesca got to do with News programme, Question Time. Tonight Baroness Brinton is wearing chesca, an ink satin back crepe jacket with notch neck and ivory under band.  I know she has the matching trousers, the navy satin back satin trim trouser, because I just looked up Sarah Brinton on the web and there is a picture of her wearing the outfit. Why mention it?  Well, people often think of chesca in connection with wedding wear, and here is an outfit suitable for executive woman, or at least, an outfit chosen to wear, within a serious context.

    This week, our newsletter introduces our bridal look book--certainly, not the traditional strapless bouffant dresses, but feminine dresses for the bride with a modern perspective, maybe for the bride second time around. Bridesmaids' dresses too, cultured pearls on the way next week suitable for bride and bridesmaids (the bracelets make lovely gifts), as well as gorgeous new hairpieces. New hats are on the way, next month, together with our satin and lace shoes and bags.

    Elegance, femininity and practicality are all combined with our brand, chesca

    Have a good week-and do let me know what you think of our newsletter this week?


    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year!

    Team chesca join me in wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy new year. We are happy to help for the great events and the small, to make each occasion memorable by providing just the right outfit.  

    NOTE: A friend texted me that Dawn French was wearing chesca at the Jools Holland bash on T.V and I saw Valerie Leon of Bond and Carry On Fame wearing chesca for New Year, needless to say, i was wearing  chesca too, my Blue Jersey Chiffon Dress, which I love!

    I will be keeping you abreast of my own special occasion: My son, Alastair, is tying the knot this year in September, so I will share my outfit building with you, step by step.

    Look out for a brilliant new idea, which I will share with you in February. Well, I think it is good, you will have the opportunity to let me know then!

    Once again, let me know if I or my team in store can help, we have personal experience of parties, masonic's, cruises, and parties of all sorts, and even job interviews in the sometimes precarious world of work!

    Live every day to the full, that is my intention. You are all in my own personal new year's Honours List!



    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • The Ultimate Sale


    First of all, I hope you had a wonderful day on 25th, surrounded by friends and family.  Secondly, please don't go out in this weather, and just have a look at our bargains. We are moving later this year and want to clear our rails of our branded merchandise and some of our separates. Many of them best sellers, but we simply don't have room in our mail order department for the Spring collection, many of which are now in, and the whole Autumn collection.  We have decided to reduce many coats, even though the cold weather has barely started, some of which we have just repeated for January.  Most of our Gilet's, that extra little layer to keep you cosy indoors or out, are half price.  First time ever, we have reduced some posh frocks, so buy now before the price goes up. 

    Many of these items are only available on line. We genuinely have to clear the rails in our office, so please take advantage of these amazing prices from the comfort of your own home and buy yourself a well-deserved present to wear this January!

    Good tidings to all.


    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Memories That Last A Lifetime

    It's that time of the year when people are planning what to wear on sensational cruises, whether to the Caribbean or the Pacific, and looking for some special party dresses. Or maybe, booking a wedding and looking for an outfit to turn heads. As a mother, aunt, sister, or even the centre of attention - the bride. A special dress to be photographed - feminine, a little frivolous or perhaps sophisticated. chesca specialises in outfits for those memorable events.

    And for the celebration, as this our tenth year draws to a close, type in "DRESS10" at the checkout on any full price dress order, and receive a 10% discount. On our brand new range, as our latest brochure claims, DRESS TO IMPRESS. Why are we doing this, well, we need to book more of our new ranges and we need your help. We need to see what you, our most loyal customers choose, what sizes you buy and well, we think you should be paid for helping. Your choices will enable us to plan more effectively, so please take advantage of this offer, and, thank you!

    Don't forget our stunning matching accessories, and if you know someone is planning a wedding, why don't you buy them a sparkling bag as a Christmas present instead of a nice warm hat.

    More tomorrow....

    Please be aware that the way that you select the size of your garment has changed. When adding an item to your basket please make sure that you have selected a size by clicking the box with your chosen size.


    Posted by Peter Gibson