Thought I would share some info with our new customers in Franchesca.  What do you think is our best  selling colour.  No its not black--or navy, but silver grey.

Whether our lovely crepe  or guipure lace  Gina Bacconi dresses for event wear, or our Basler ivory and silver jumper , this colour is your favourite.  I have just bought a lovely grey jersey from Basler, which i love with a tiny little print in it, it has a matching trouser in the same design, but I am a little curvy so i have chosen instead the grey straight leg trousers (much too long since i am only 5 foot tall, but with a straight leg easy to shorten) and i will combine them  with the stunning white shawl neck cardigan from Basler-I know the outfit is expensive, but i was told by a customer today that she has some basler pieces that are more than 12 years old-so maybe a good investment.   I digress, but i am meeting some friends later this week who haven't seen me for ages and i want to look my best. I am taking along some silk scarves as gifts, so beautiful and better than a box of chocs (and so much less fattening)

A long weekend ahead-and a warm one, it is prophesied-so buy a new item for the Easter break-get out and enjoy the sunshine