happy new year again!

During the season ahead, chesca will absorb the increase in v.a.t -our sale prices remain the same as well as our key essentials.

As our sale comes to an end, I would like to introduce you to two new packs for the exciting transition from winter to spring, still keeping you  cosy  while the arctic weather continues to keep us all on our toes.

The birth of the blues is essentially monochrome shades of black, grey and ivory but with a couple of blasts of blue--a colour you will be seeing a lot more of, this season.  All about versatile style,with knit and jersey collectables which work in your wardrobe-and to which you add an injection of colour.Choose your skirt first, the black raised seam knit or the striped hem or the stitch down pleat effect , as an investment and work from there.

Bonsai pays respect to nature-think of rocks, cliffs, pebbles and winter beaches-japanese minimalism is our designers' inspiration here.  From trompl'oeil jacket  in nutty beige, wool gilets over jersey tops to our brand new fossil print mesh top and skirt-plan your top spring buys now.

more details soon

Jacqui (editor in chief-fitter in chief-looking forward to life in the fast lane in 2011)