Last week, I had a look for the first time, at who opened up our emails and saw coloured spots on various parts of a map of the world.

Opened in Alaska, Japan, China, Australia, the Middle East and Africa-I am so proud of chesca  It made me aware that the weather, and people's lifestyles vary throughout the globe -and they don't just want ocassion wear 

Hence, we have added swimwear and underwear to our range and not just any underwear,but  the most amazing underwear designed to make the least of your curves, and eliminate lbs in one fell swoop.

  We have also added  an eclectic selection of brands, some casual and some dressy, some shoes, some jewellery: a great selection of items we love.  Look out for our lovely leather handbags, italian inspired-online this week

chesca moves forward, chesca goes global!