Curvy, figure-flattering, slimming, confidence-building, glamourous, gorgeous, feminine-all adjectives used by our customers to describe the results achieved when wearing chesca--the definition "plus size" disappears when wearing "chesca".  chesca is not in any plus size department, but in House of Fraser, John Lewis, Arnotts, etc integrated into the contemporary fashion departments--designed for real women with different tastes,-svelte silhouette or frilly and feminine.  The range is so popular that we have introduced size 12 for all the girls with weddings, and parties, who have requested we try a smaller size, but never forget that I try everything on myself and I am a curvy size 20-and so particular about the fit. 

My favourite this week is my swimsuit! --I wore a Miracle swimsuit this week and fitted into a print cardigan (escorpion) in a size below! so , 10lbs off in one easy moment. and we are offering 10% off this weekend on all our Miracle swimwear.  Do try one of our new body shapers, with your own bra if you prefer--so comfortable and all your bumps and lumps disappear.

Every Saturday, find me in store-this weekend, I was in chesca, St Albans, next week in John Lewis, Oxford Street.  I work everyday in our office in London-phone me personally if you need any additional help! I know each garment-just let me know where you are going, and I will become your personal shopper! Trinni and Susannah, Mary Portas, Gok Kwan are great , but give me a try- I know how to accentuate the positive and give you the confidence you need for every ocassion.

Enjoy the weather this weekend!