Chesca is absolutely submerged in wedding season orders for lace this year. The lovely neutral palette, which is so flattering for the wedding hostesses with the mostest, be they mums, sisters, aunts or the bride herself.

We only received 30 rose gold dresses with matching boleros this season and 90% of the stock has already sold out. The dress is featured in silver grey on our website homepage. The mocha colour has already sold out but will be returning on the web and in stores this autumn. Barley lace with foil shimmer is new in this week in a skirt, top and a ruched shoulder shrug.

Our signature dress with cornelli embroidery and little rosettes embroidered on the lace is in short supply, with the final deliveries of ivory, steel and mocha on the way this month. Hoping to bring in next year's apricot by June for all of our ladies preparing for next spring, or for those who have left it to the last minute!

Look out for linen! Our jungle print linen jacket in orange/beige and a touch of black combined with an orange top and black crepe trousers with mock pleated seams is the perfect statement outfit. Or simply combine it with our sophisticated tucked pencil skirt, now in viscose jersey with a matching horseshoe neck jersey. Arriving in stores on Monday!

Lets go shopping!