Well, wasn't Wimbledon wow! Congratulations to Andy Murray--what an achievement!

Turning to Serena! Congratulations to you, too, but have you ever heard of chesca?  We could make you look so feminine, take inches off with a couple of clever ideas , and send you back to the U.S with a brand new wardrobe, designed to accentuate the positive for a five times winner.

Travel in style, with jerseys designed to make a capsule wardrobe-whether a drapey dress, a waterfall skirt or a simple t-shirt jersey is mouth-watering, linked with jade, ivory or hot pink! 

Just in! Our KNEELENGTH reversible raincoat is back, in oak, bronze and sapphire--adaptable collar, pleated hood and 2 coats in one and most important ­­for this July is proofed style for the worst summer in my memory!-and each with their own travel bag. Order now while still in stock, virtually sold out in all our stores, so order online for immediate delivery.


Early next week, more details about new personal shopper service, exclusive to chesca!  Looking forward to meeting you!