I love the summer.  All smiles, everywhere, and all the world relaxed.

Love the chesca range too, with the first new autumn stock in, best sellers from the summer and some summer bargains for good measure, in store.

There are some terrific skirts--the Ribbon Mesh Skirt in black is in prime position in my wardrobe, together with the black/blue/green and ivory floaty chiffon wrap skirt--which is not at all revealing!  Do have a look -and try something new! If you like them, bear in mind there are matching tops if you wish or combine with our black Fan Pleat Jersey for understated elegance.

3rd in the Olympic Medal League Table and hopefully heading up the ladder! A great change from doom and despondency in this jubilee year.

Had lots of interest for next season's weddings--go for gold with our Gold Devoree Two Piece with ruched waist or try the beautiful dress, with its little lace trimmed slip peaking out, and cover with the blouse, worn as a short sleeve jacket! It’s designed for dual purpose and oh so flattering for that hour glass figure.

Lace is key- Apricot inspired by our newest duchess is new for 2013, but available NOW! or Mocha, grey, ivory or black (with champagne lining)

Our Games girls are Going for Gold--why don't you?