Quilt coats, Gilets and knits are in stock to make the least of winter!

Try a jumper with tiny black beads and a beautiful portrait collar, or a stunning gilet to wear over that little black jersey.  Our signature quilting will keep you warm if you combine the zip gilet with the zip 3/4 gilet, as I do.  Matching the mink with the black--I'm looking for a new colour for next year to join the black and mink-any suggestions?  The amazing quilt of these jackets results in warmth without adding inches--the air is trapped in the little quilt packets, and the zips add urban chic.

Reversible gilets combine with faux Mongolian lamb with faux suede for a glimpse of retro, or we have just had returned to stock our faux sheepskin gilet, a great favourite, with raised seaming available in mottled taupe and it is joined by a favourite hip length jacket with the same detailing.

Need a wool coat? Try our black double collared coat with a grey or beige snood to warm the neck--and keep that snow off that special hairstyle.  Or our wool and velvet opera coat for that wow factor.  A pair of jewel suede gloves, or leather gloves with a little bow add an elegant touch or a knit pair in print or touched by diamante.

Come dancing with chesca, but keep yourself warm for the party season ahead