Snow is on the way out and rain on the way!

chesca has some fabulous raincoats in stock--and we are going to give my readers an extra special offer.  I am curious to see if this is read so I am offering out delightful reversible rainwear in 125cms length in our best selling colours--BRONZE and SAPPHIRE for an amazing price of £225, while we still have stock.  Ideal for February, March, April, and May! Offer only applies to these 2 colours, and ends 7th February.

Have you seen our bonfire coat? Named because the material was first designed on November 5th, this is now synonymous with chesca--i was out in Hong Kong last week (and no, i did not miss the snow), and not only was I wearing one, but I actually introduced myself to someone else wearing one!  Our best seller throughout Autumn and Winter--now looking for a new colour and a maybe a new twist.

Best seller in spring and summer?  Lace dress--this year, we have repeated our favourite lace dress and jacket in steel, and mocha -and added a brand new colour-navy.  Oh -so- smart for the mother of the bride this year, and our first delivery coming in next week .  Please bear in mind, these take 5 months to reorder, so if you like the colour, snap it up.

More later....