Early Easter this year-and what could be better than some stunning millinerySand feather fascinators to look stunning with our fitted tiered lace dress, or jersey maxi dress.  Navy and ivory hatinators designed to stun the crowds, combined with navy lace or navy butterfly dress, are already in limited supply (but we are expecting more this week).  Our black and ivory illustrates the most delightful titfer, which is both subtle and sophisticated and do look out for our Audrey Hepburn tiny pillbox, which combines black with ivory and a beaded embellishment with an awesome feather!  So many monochrome hats to choose from, there’s even a wide brimmed cover story with black lace trim and a stunning bow on an ivory base.

Casual weekend away-look out for our new tailored navy pants with vertical zip pockets, arriving this week-try with our navy jacquard button through jersey, and our super quilt trench--on offer this week at £150, instead of £195.  April showers? March winds? Add this coat to your travel capsule collection.  The trench has been in fashion for a century--we have added a new colour and quilting for a new twist.

Oh, by the way, for those who have pre-ordered our lovely haze lace beaded dress--we have lift-off.  They are at the airport, and web purchases get priority!

More for Easter next weekend