Do you know that I buy lots of fabulous items for our standalone shops, which are chosen by me from other brands.

A sensational black and white crinkle blouse using three different stripes combined with ivory?

An ivory grey dress in crinkle cotton?

Jersey pants with roll top?

A 3 colour georgette blouse in neutrals?                   

All to supplement your chesca wardrobe-and give you, our customer, more choice....  we have 500 different items on our web, surely a departmental store for fashionistas up to size 24-on line and the privacy and comfort of your own home-or in our stores.

Yesterday in our store on the first floor of Grand Arcade in Cambridge (just by the fashion section of John Lewis!), Jules (accompanied by David) bought our black cable collared coat, a jersey roll top trouser from our French supplier in mocha, together with 2 beautiful serapes from our supplier in Ireland. Her comments, that she had been all over London, and out for the day and had not seen such an eclectic choice--and incidentally, she was a size 1, at the lower end of our size range, so she could buy in any shop from any brand.  What a complement!!!

More this afternoon....