Great news! Dawn French is appearing in Australia’s got Talent! -Wearing our favourite brand-

c h e s c a!

She has chosen our stunning violet crinkle pleat coat, a fuchsia linen print tunic and my absolute favourite, available only in stand alone stores, our stunning side zip jacket with frill, in black, which is a preview for next summer!

Why do so many celebs pick c h e s c a?

Answer- because its stunning.

Lisa Riley, Kate Bush, Barbara Windsor, Jo Brand, Linda Bellingham, Pauline Collins,and even, Mrs Tyndal wore chesca for the marriage of her son to Zara Phillips.  Even some of the Loose Women have sported our head turning separates

Be a celebrity when YOU wear chesca.  The choice is never-ending, with new styles every week. Whether an outfit for occasions, a day at the races, or a celebrity on t.v.-you can't beat it. 

Jacqui (middle name--Dawn)