So excited! Victoria Pendleton, Olympic cyclist extraordinaire and recently on ‘Strictly’ just bought not one, but two chesca hats for tea in the Gardens of Buckingham Palace.  Our hatinators, for that is what they are, are a more substantial version of last year's fascinator--we are told the Queen does not favour the little bows on slide or Alice band for wearing at Ascot, but these items have more in common with hats, as our front page bears out.

Chesca was borne out of a desire for curvy girls to have beautiful clothes, with style, rather than gruesome cover-ups, but now we are proud that our slimmer sisters can buy hats, shoes, scarves--and indeed, our signature lace dresses in a size 10!  While remaining true to our origins, I still try on every item to ensure a flattering fit, but also true to my promise, read every email --and I have learnt that all women may need that special outfit, regardless of size --or in fact, age.  Our aim is to add a note of summer -and fun-all the year round.  Life needs a little frivolity, a little lift and whether you spend £30 on a scarf, or £300 on an outfit to meet the Queen, we aim to offer you great service and enviable outfits.  Why, only yesterday, I went out, and an ultra-slim friend of mine admired my cardi-unfortunately not yet photographed, but available in chesca shops, and ordered a pair of my summer wedge shoes (and would you believe, my feet are smaller than hers)

Back to the Queen, used to think our best customers were M.O.Bs and M.O.Gs (mothers of the wedding couple), but now I have learnt that a day at the Races is the favourite reason to visit chesca.  Whether in Ireland or Royal Ascot, in Newbury or Rippon, people are rushing out to buy a special outfit for a special occasion, or at least, a fine hatinator -we have already virtually sold out of two of your favourites (and can not replace until next year).  Not all are lucky enough to be invited to the special Garden Parties, but I am amazed at how many chesca fans go to the races.  Think they just like to dress up-there's a little of Eliza Doolittle in all of us

Will write soon!