wow! forget the Oscars --our two ladies who work at our shop in Regent Street, Leamington Spa are finalists for the customer service award for the whole county of Warwickshire.  There are so many shop in the county and we are honoured to have such amazing staff, who have made us one of 3 shops in the country to be honoured for our customer service.  Not only that we received a phone call on Monday from a gentleman in retail, who told us of the exceptional service he had received in store by Liz, when his wife came in on Monday.  he was offered coffee, and sausage rolls as well as a comfortable seat, and was bowled over by the service.

So, good luck, Leslie and Liz -a special thank you from all your colleagues at chesca H.O. and all the staff at chesca are keeping their fingers crossed when you attend the special dinner on Friday evening, all dressed up in chesca finery!  I would like to add my personal congratulations to all our girls who are all complimented for their willing service and attention to detail.  Nothing is too much for them and they will go to the ends of the earth to get those special earrings, that special pashmina--the fact is they love their jobs.  With passion, and enthusiasm, the days go by so fast-and i believe, our girls really enjoy their work.  if you wish to share with me any special treatment you have received, please do.  Our Sue at Head office received flowers from a delighted customer recently and Denise hasa loyal following.

Thank you, Warwick for recognising Leslie and Liz, and thank you all for your support for chesca--we realise without the zing you put in our footsteps, we would be so oooo bored at home.  Good luck, girls.