Plus size women like to look good in the latest fashionable clothing and the occasionwear available at chesca allows them to do so without having to worry about whether or not it will fit, since chesca prides itself on tailoring the highest quality products that also fit with perfection. Of course, anything that isn’t a perfect fit can be adjusted accordingly so that it looks and feels amazing. Unlike mainstream fashion brands that prefer to focus on smaller sizes for occasion wear, chesca does the opposite and only tailors for sizes 12+, going up to 24 and larger in some instances. Having such a variety of top quality clothing lines in one convenient location makes it much easier for plus size women to look their best whatever the occasion may be. Their Coffee Jersey Bolero or Ruched Dress would look at place in any high class restaurant or at the races, the latter of which being the perfect place to show off such glamorous clothing. The Pearl/Lilac Border Print Silk Blouse or Dress would look great in almost any situation, particularly during the summer months while out walking along the beach. The occasionwear available at chesca will be suitable for every event imaginable and since plus size women don’t need to worry about finding the right fit, they can concentrate on picking the most beautiful designs for their special occasions. The owner personally ensures each outfit is designed with larger women in mind so everything will be optimized for comfort and style.

The range of occasionwear at chesca is prolific, so there will  be something for everyone and for every occasion, also many of the outfits can be used for more than one event and would look good in almost every situation. Sometimes special occasions require one to look just a bit more glamorous than normal and it can be quite difficult to find a suitable outfit in the larger size range, which is where chesca makes it a breeze. Promotion at work ? interview? or even  attending that special birthday party could be problematic for some plus size women that can’t find a decent outfits in their size, but chesca is the obvious solution for all, offering some of the best occasionwear and  casual wear on the high street.

The owner of chesca, Jacqui Green is a plus size women herself, at size 20, so she knows exactly what women are looking for when they are selecting new clothing. She knows that only a minority of women have perfect bodies and therefore need their clothing to be tailored to their individual needs to ensure all the right curves are accentuated and none of the wrong curves are noticeable. She has perfected many designs across all of her product ranges over many years, thanks in part to continual customer feedback that she uses to tweak and alter outfits to make them even more comfortable for plus size women. The occasionwear at chesca has been designed and perfected over many years and there will be something for any event available in any size of 12+.

Amy x