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The problem with most plus size clothing is that is usually mass produced and can be quite uncomfortable as a result, in some cases it won’t fit at all or it won’t accentuate the right places, but at Chesca they pride themselves on producing some of the best plus size clothing in the industry. In fact, some of the high street retailers don’t even produce clothing in sizes over 14 so they are losing out on a large part of the clothing market, since women of all shapes and sizes like to look their best. Plus size women will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of clothing available at Chesca that would suit most occasions, everything from weddings to a day at the races and since plus size clothing is their specialty, they will be always find a suitable outfit that fits with perfection.

Plus size clothing is often neglected or completely ignored by top fashion designers but Chesca specialize in these sizes, with their lowest size starting at 12 and going as high as 24. Their dresses and tops take into account all the important areas that other tailors ignore, such as the waist, hip and bust attributes. Fine details are considered for each outfit they design and the owner Jacquie Green personally checks and approves all of the plus size clothing Chesca has for sale. The only lumps and bumps being shown are the ones people want to show and the clothes will be completely comfortable at the same time. Anything that isn’t a perfect fit can be adjusted and it’s unlikely the plus size clothing available at Chesca won’t find plenty of proponents.

The clothing industry is popular with women of all sizes but it’s unfortunate that many of the mainstream designers don’t provide high standard plus size clothing. Women in the 12+ size range need outfits for every occasion just as much as women in the smaller size range but this is often forgotten by many. At Chesca they have specially tailored plus size clothing for almost every occasion imaginable, such as birthday’s, job interviews, special occasions and even swimwear. That means a plus size women will be able to find all of the latest fashion without having to worry if she can find something that fits too, since Chesca only tailor plus size clothing.

For fashion retailers that do supply both small and larger size clothing there is often little attention given to finer details in the larger size range, mainly due to ignorance of an increasingly popular market, but Chesca know exactly what plus size women are looking for in their clothes because that is their specialty. They can focus all of their time and effort into perfecting each design they make and the best fashion they produce will always feel comfortable and highlight important areas, while hiding others that could sometimes cause embarrassment. Looking one’s best is always possible at Chesca no matter what the occasion and size is never a hindrance for any plus size woman.

Amy x

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