we are introducing-gradually a new banner for the website, and some new slots

You will be able to shop by department, but we will put together some co-ordinated styling, which may make use of an item you have bought for a special occassion and give it a different look. or maybe we will show you how a top from a previous season can be brought uptodate with this season's new jacket.  I promised you personal shopping, and we are all going to try our hand at updating your working wardrobe-or rather a wardrobe that works for you. 

Look out for a new banner in silver grey and white--new tickets for autumn in silver with white, too, with a touch of lace--why because we know you love feminine fashions and a touch or lace.

New collections will be introduced titled  inspirations, so we can share our inspirations with you. Winter warmers will showcase our new coats, and some new colours for some of your favourites Our most famous zip quilted coat, will be here in September in a new colour-haze, a soft mauvey grey, which is feminine and practical. Our zip trousers will no longer be only available in black and grey, but we will introduce a stunning aubergine.  A new wool coat in aubergine, a birght purple coat with a full skirt....ALL AVAILABLE FOR FEMININE LADIES WHO LOVE FASHION TO MAKE THE MOST OF A CURVY FIGURE. The list is endless, but back to NOW!

What should I wear in this heat? i don't want to buy a summer item now (unless it is reduced)  Try a black crushed pleat three piece in a print which reflects the colours of a cottage garden -you will b able to wear the jacket later with a bright red cami and black trousers, for a totally different look-or the printed skirt with a light weight black jumper and black boots-so far, the camisole is the most popular piece, I suspect you are using it to add some panache to your black georgette palazzo pants for evenings . A preview of next spring which can be worn now?  Be pretty in pink for that autumn occassion in our crushed pleat dress and coat-add a silver grey hat and shoes--then contrast the coat with black to add zing to your winter wardrobe--I promise you some lovely items in November to go with the dress so you will wear it again and again--a lace jacket in exactly the same colour? A pink jersey twinset?  I am passionate that your wardrobe should give you good value-and work for you.

and do you like my butterflies?  Printed Italian jersey in black and white with giant butterflies, deisgned to slim the figure by adding black jersey and clever cutting.  The eye looks at the butterflies, the black trim on the cami skims the sides, ensuring a svelte silhouette, the black trim on the jacket adds chic and our favourite gored skirt is a mass of beautiful butterflies.  I challenge you not to wear the tops time and time again, -it will be a favourite for many years ahead.--------and I have a lovely ivory jumper with black trim which will be  stunning  for evening  with our figure slimming skirt.

Hope i have inspired!