so excited, just been to our new store in Marlow and hope you will visit.. i am going down tomorrow to meet some of our newest customers, and to give anyone who asks (just want to know who reads this ! ) a free gift with any purchase!  This used to be two shops, 1 in Liston Court and 1 on main road , so should have double the fun--and certainly the latest stock, lots of shoes, bags and Xmas gifts.  Perfect  outfits for that winter cruise or fab coats...

Already sold out of cable wool coat--and taking down some more, always a favourite, and virtually the only store with our famous bonfire coat left.  

Oh, by the way, understand we are having a party on the eve of Dec 6th, mince pies, crisps and fizz  will be served to all and I have some goodie bags to put in your shopping bags and a discount on every item bought that day.  I'd love to introduce you to our great new manageress, Ruth, and her assistant, Helen-and i am going to bring down a few of our great head office staff --they love a party!