Saturday, December 14, 2013 – Christmas Cheer in Marlow

Christmas Cheer in Marlow
This week I visited our newest store in Marlow to support the local Christmas market. I was immediately filled with Christmas spirit as the scrumptious smell of mice pies and the sound of carol singers filled the air. The streets were brimming with happy families looking for stocking fillers while enjoying a tipple of mulled wine.

By the time I got to the new store we all had beaming grins on our faces, ready to spread Christmas cheer. This is the first time I had seen the new shop so I was excited to pitch in, adjusting displays and adding Christmas flare.

The store manager in Marlow was a lot of fun to meet. She was looking oh so sophisticated in our aboriginal top and shrug, while charismatically looking after every customer that came in with a friendly approachability that had everyone laughing and joking together.

I had the best job of the day! Greeting customers with bubbly and a selection of nibbles AND our chocolate raffle. We wrapped raffle tickets around sweets, so every customer could enjoy a treat even if they didn’t win a voucher.