Saturday, December 14, 2013 – Attitude, not Size (or Age)

Attitude, not Size (or Age)
Hi, chesca had its first spring photoshoot today and looking at Zoe reminded me to bang the drum about my pet problem--style is associated with attitude not with size or age.  Their are young grandmothers, full of zest, looking better for being bonny, rather than stiletto slim, and old teenagers, bored and lethargic.

Only this week, someone asked me what is the average age of the chesca customer and I said that I honestly did not know, nor did it hold any particular interest for me when I sign off the dresses and outfits.  Are the clothes flattering, are they feminine, are they fun? these are the questions i ask as we put the final full stop on each item--are they desirable, will i feel special wearing them-and will the many many ladies I meet during the week. and size? Americans call the sizes we make, women's sizes.  Need I say more?

A woman is not a size or an age, but someone who wishes her clothes to convey her personality, the occasion, her sensuality-her mood, or should I say, her many moods.  chesca is not about being fat or slim, or young or old, but about the opportunity to choose your style (regardless of size)-and accepting the compliments   gracefully.

This is reflected in the different styles of our different models, who are not defined by age or size.  All of them wear dresses, which reflect the different styles of real women, who have attitude and style.  Have a look at the different faces of woman, and the different faces of chesca-and work out which is your favourite.  A dress for desk to dinner (American expression), one for cocktails and holidays, one for that wedding when you wish to feel like Royalty, Ascot and a perfect Red Carpet headturner -for the belle of the ball! and , look at the varieties of little black dress!!!!!!!!