Its March, Mother's day, March equinox--oh yes, and the year of chesca's 10th anniversary. So March madness is in the air, with the perrenial March hare racing around and announcing spring.

Normally, our offers are reserved for the people who have signed up for our weekly newsletter, but I woke up this morning, and thought i would cheer up any serious faces and offer some monochrome madness--an offer on some of our newest black and white items just for this weekend--buy a present for Mum, buy a present for Grandma, buy a present for your daughter or daughter-in-law, or for YOURSELF! A black pull on trouser, an ivory silky blouse with lace bands, a summer twinset with black and navy blobs, a black dress combining jersey with georgette-many of which have not reached the shops yet, an exclusive offer just available on the web or our shops

Oh, and sign up for our newsletter, the next offer will be exclusive to our regulars! No idea when or what yet, but will make it good.

Happy Mother's days-treat yourself, enjoy a taste of spring---most of all a big thank you