Hi Spring is here with a bang! All of a sudden, we wake to the singing of birds, light and a feeling that it is great to be alive.  I used to think September was my favourite month, but now it is April with its promise of the long summer ahead.  Maybe the early burst og sun, maybe the thought of holidays, maybe even exchanging my coat for a jacket and my trousers for a skirt.  Lovely to leave black behind and exchange it for a touch of navy, a hint of opal, the luxury of cream-luscious colour to take the place of being sensible! It seems as if you feel the same way-our early  range of silver and cerise is fast selling out, and so is watercolour, with its soft opal paired with ivory, grey and the merest hint of black.  We have add some key items to our navy and vanilla theme in heritage, and now have a beatiful buttermilk chiffon trouser and camisole to add to the navy and vanilla shrug, you have bought for that summer wedding to take you on to the summer holiday you have promised yourself beneath the bright lights of the Med. don't forget our matching jewellery , with the exclusive range we have commissioned from Hummingbird-which co-ordinates exactly with each colour combo in the range.

Panama is on the way in the steel tones of the canal, combined with navy and ivory--casual jersey pieces combined with silky pinafores and tunics. Juxtaposed is Coral Reef-the rich colours of the barrier reef, with its stunning turquoise ocean and the aweinspiring coral -our exclusive print on pure silk is being released this week, together with coral dresses to brighten up the summer.  Fnally tobacco rose is on its way for May, khaki and neutral tones in casual tops and shrugs, and linen tops and dresses with large roses, are perfectly paired with linen and stretch cotton trousers.  Begin that Easter Hunt by looking for these items online and then instore.  Our newsletter will give special details of our online and Easter competition with a prize in each store for 7 lucky winners--not forgetting another online.  i promised this year we would have some specials-this time its champagne and Belgian chocolates! An Easter Eggs-stravaganza!

Dazzling days ahead with chesca!