A little range called coral sand--a little offer of 20% on this range--yes, you guessed the colours, coral and sand.  perfect for city, perfect for country, perfect for the sea and SAND.  JUST FOR THIS WEEK, AND THE LAST OFFER FOR A WHILE-so do look out for this week's newsletter.  Why are we giving you a new offer this week? because we are celebrating.  Our egg raffles, our dress offer just coming to an end, and a supersmart sand and coral range of separates, a dress for casual and one for smart, a choice of cardigans-one gorgeous for pants, one better for skirts--all these are our special fabulous offer for turning 10-and only available online

For those who have a special ocassion -our ivory and silver lace cornelli dresses  coming back into stock at the end of the month-for weddings, ordinations, graduations, holiday evenings, for sheer flattery-try this beautiful dress. 

next week more about, a white shade of pale.....