Have you your ticket to Ascot?  Many of you have been  rushing into our stores for outfits--and our co-ordinating hatinators.  Our beige lace saucer shaped hat is amazing-goes with virtually any outfit, your favourite lace will look stunning in the sunshine.  Our ivory/black lace giant hat with bows at the side-see our home  page  where it is co-ordinated with our ivory and black lace figure skimming jersey dress-or add to  an orchid dress-and take all eyes off the races. have you seen our front cover vanilla  disc, with navy trim-llok out for this at that celebrity wedding, with our navy/vanilla dress and shrug.

whitsun holidays? Bank holidays on the way-try our khaki dress, our linen tunic or mid-calf dress in ivory with large pink roses...tobacco rose is our name for this lovely story, a symphony in pink and neutrals.  Prefer our ivory and grey silky print for a tunic with ivory stretch jeans  for luncheon, or jeans for that walk in the park.

Wedding this summer? our orchid pink chiffon dress ,embellished with tiny beads has just arrived.  On its own or with matching jacket-this is frivolous, frothy and feminine.  Pink will make the boys wink.  More about "Carnival" shortly-and look out for the cutest shift dress in all our carnival colours-this is the most elegant dress for Ascot ever--is n't this where we came in?