Garden parties at the Palace--have you been invited?  My son aged 29, has a friend who has just ordered a hat for just such an occasion. Obviously Her Majesty invites all age groups from all walks of life.

It is the season for Royal Ascot our saucer hatinators exclusive to c h e s c a add some style to that special outfit. Maybe our special new navy trouser suit trimmed with ivory, with our ivory hat with navy trim, as featured on the front of our spring brochure.

7th June is Derby Day, when my friend, Vivien will be wearing our stunning new turquoise dress, I have one too! Perfect for occasions -or that holiday we are all looking forward too, light as a feather, and try packing it and see that it comes out perfect using our new shirred cotton rich fabric.

What else does June hold: the Queen's official birthday, my friend Mary's birthday and cousin David-all opportunities to eat, drink and be merry. Our newest range is being delivered into store- coral pleated dress, jade pleated dress and multi-colour shift with black banding are all perfect for any occasion from weddings to race meetings to wear again and again for summer holidays, birthdays or days out with the family and friends.

Enjoy the great month ahead-I will! c h e s c a shapes your curves!