The Commonwealth Games have just begun in Scotland, the torch has been throughout the land and now rests in Glasgow! Wow!

To celebrate, we have chosen aubergine as our theme for this week's newsletter-to match the Scottish national emblem-the THISTLE!  Or at least, our nearest autumn colour-from our haze lace dress and jacket embellished with cornelli to our lace twinset , from our quirky knit cardi and matching jumper to our delightful jersey dress with exquisite shoulder line, this colour will stand out this autumn at chesca--and although, most are only available on line and Glasgow at present, we hope we might tempt you to pop one or two in your wardrobe ready for the season ahead.  Not quite ready to be head to toe in Aubergine-try our lovely jersey cardi in shades of aubergine -and team with our classic-zip pocket aubergine trousers and sleeveless top.

 All remind us of the Commonwealth Games-and this range will be in our boutique in House of Fraser, Glasgow next week-to honour hosting the Games, a great opportunity while you are there to see this stunning range, not in store until September.  

Can't bear to think of autumn, while the sun is beaming, try a top which is embellished with its own silver necklace-in white-or deep pink-or -you guessed it- aubergine.   This sparkling necklace is attached to a silky jersey top which flatters your curves

Next week, we introduce a feminine floral print mesh dress which is seamed throughout to flatter, which picks up our Commonwealth theme combining pink and grey with aubergine- look out for this-we expect it will sell out quickly i this run of sunshine continues- our brill idea to suit summer days and autumn parties.  Just wait and see....