Woke up this morning to see the most amazing dress perfect for the red carpet, made of Nespresso capsules (used and cleaned of course)!

SOURCE: http://outilespyy.com/nespresso-trashion/
Photos: Heather Mantila Dress: I & A remake of the ecodesign team
Model: By / Paparazzi Make-up & hair: Senay Coco
In collaboration with : Finland's Blog Media and Nespresso.

I loved it, but what I noticed was the hard work that had to go into it. The Finnish designer is so clever, and then compared it to all the hard work that goes into our evening dresses. We have just launched "Dress to Impress". Have a look at our online brochure and you will see some sizzling dresses, but what you will not see, are the careful linings designed to streamline, the careful ruching at the back of each dress, designed to emphasise and trim the waist, the exact line of the bust detail and the curves we put into it. Did you know we have 35 reviews for our ivory lace wedding dress on John Lewis bridal site. The dress seems simple but the tape work is placed to flatter and the lace has a special stretch, the curved seams at the hip are designed to minimise the hips with an exact flare and hidden godets, again to add glamour and to flatter.  Not only our brides, but their mums love this dress and yesterday a new delivery in NAVY, and our brand new colour LILAC. Our mesh dress, with sparkle at the neck and sleeves has been extended and is now ankle length-and champagne for bride, mink for her mother, and capri blue for the bridesmaids. You will note that chesca is no longer simply for the curvy, we start our occasion dresses at size 10!!  Attention to detail is my mantra, no matter if the dress is £95.00 or £300.

Did you know, we have a cowl neck dress, apparently plain with a print cowl, and we have altered the cowl each time depending on the drape of the material, and the hem of the jersey, depending on its weight, and it is only £95.00. You might not notice if you saw the pic, but believe me, it is different under the surface.

Although, I do not look like the stunning model, wearing trashion, I am privileged to try on every dress and add my tiny tweaks to the shoulders, neckline, tops of arm, and to have developed our modern interpretations of Hollywood glamour, for night and day.

So many girls have tried chesca once, and now are our brand ambassadors!

Thank you for the greatest opportunity. Looking forward to the festive season.

Jacqui Green