Happy New Year!

Team chesca join me in wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy new year. We are happy to help for the great events and the small, to make each occasion memorable by providing just the right outfit.  

NOTE: A friend texted me that Dawn French was wearing chesca at the Jools Holland bash on T.V and I saw Valerie Leon of Bond and Carry On Fame wearing chesca for New Year, needless to say, i was wearing  chesca too, my Blue Jersey Chiffon Dress, which I love!

I will be keeping you abreast of my own special occasion: My son, Alastair, is tying the knot this year in September, so I will share my outfit building with you, step by step.

Look out for a brilliant new idea, which I will share with you in February. Well, I think it is good, you will have the opportunity to let me know then!

Once again, let me know if I or my team in store can help, we have personal experience of parties, masonic's, cruises, and parties of all sorts, and even job interviews in the sometimes precarious world of work!

Live every day to the full, that is my intention. You are all in my own personal new year's Honours List!