What has fashion label, chesca got to do with News programme, Question Time. Tonight Baroness Brinton is wearing chesca, an ink satin back crepe jacket with notch neck and ivory under band.  I know she has the matching trousers, the navy satin back satin trim trouser, because I just looked up Sarah Brinton on the web and there is a picture of her wearing the outfit. Why mention it?  Well, people often think of chesca in connection with wedding wear, and here is an outfit suitable for executive woman, or at least, an outfit chosen to wear, within a serious context.

This week, our newsletter introduces our bridal look book--certainly, not the traditional strapless bouffant dresses, but feminine dresses for the bride with a modern perspective, maybe for the bride second time around. Bridesmaids' dresses too, cultured pearls on the way next week suitable for bride and bridesmaids (the bracelets make lovely gifts), as well as gorgeous new hairpieces. New hats are on the way, next month, together with our satin and lace shoes and bags.

Elegance, femininity and practicality are all combined with our brand, chesca

Have a good week-and do let me know what you think of our newsletter this week?