Meeting with your loved one tomorrow evening? Has he bought you red roses?  Maybe he has bought you some jewellery, or maybe he's taking you out for a meal! 

I am visualising your outfit... Our brand new champagne dress with a delicate lace jacket, or our champagne cornelli and baguette beads dress, with  a lovely shawl.


Maybe you are wearing black... Our black dress with raised seams and tiny beads, or our black dress with diagonal silver seaming that's complete with its matching bolero.  Velvet is lovely for Valentine's Day! How about our aubergine velvet wrap dress, so sexy!

Why not try our ebony velvet coat with jersey sleeves. There are only 3 or 4 left in the whole business, so I am not sure if we will be able to repeat this for next year. 

Finally, we congratulate Mrs J. P, who won our silver heart with real pearls in our prize draw last week.  Why not treat yourself to real pearls. A real bracelet for £20! We even have "black" pearls... actually they look lovely with navy and you can't deny we have a lot of navy for you to wear for day, navy for night time, navy for the northern hemisphere, and smouldering navy for equatorial heat. We recently had a new delivery from America of our navy raincoat that we call Sapphire which reverses to black.  Now, having travelled in a full circle (back to black!), I wish you a great romance, and send you love from chesca.