On trend this year is blue-plain blue, blue prints, and blue denim is back with a capital B. Never out of fashion, but this year, all the major fashion pundits are talking about blue jeans, and we do not want the look to pass you by.  We have pull on pants in stretch denim which look great under a dress or tunic. Turn to new arrivals to see them, or the same shape in navy or black. I noticed 2 ladies have already bought all 3, although they were only posted on Friday! 

Navy is our favourite shade of blue, so have a look at our jersey dresses in navy, the drape dress with tucks at the shoulder is stunning and has proved the best sellers this week and our stunning empire line dress with contrast turq and navy print cowl is a great buy for all the year round glamour at only £105.  I met a lady in Marlow this weekend who was going to put one in her cruise suitcase, another in St Albans , who found it ideal in her role as a teacher.  



Our newest navy long sleeve jersey, featured in this week's newsletter features another hot trend. Stripes of all sizes are in-and this top combines 2 sizes and acts as a "deceit" to slim the silhouette .Book one of our print tops--we have only bought 9 of each of these tops-yes, i know your holiday is later, but why not pop one of these blue prints ready in your summer suitcase to save last minute looking-all 3 tops are imported from France, the home of style...

Back to that wedding, this weekend we have put on line our navy chiffon dress with blue beading--the height of glamour with swirly skirt and optional bolero.  Don't have the blues-wear them in style for every occasion.