The days are getting longer, and lighter, which makes me think of our   sensational champagne outfits and accessories-we have added a three piece of camisole, kissed with lace, a long gored skirt and a lace jacket with a sprinkle of sparkle to the dress we introduced earlier--why? because we have learnt that those of you with a well endowed bosom, often have smaller hips and those with curvier hips can be a little smaller on the bust, or you may be a little shorter or a little taller--so the outfit gives a dress look which might fit  better.  A wider foot? try our satin pleated shoes to complete your outfit, and stay comfortable.


Nightfall-wave your wand and change your outfit to midnight lace.  The same 3 piece, a gossamer sheer dress and jacket with lilac bead work, a navy silk print with silvery fans--we will ensure you are the belle of the ball. Combine colour with cream cami, navy lace-add a trouser, a mink lace coat-our colours are crafted to co-ordinate.  Whatever your event, whether bride, bridesmaid,  proud mother or guest, you will find everything you need at chesca.  Slim? we start at size 10? Voluptuous -we can even sort out a flattering outfit if you are size 26.


Mink, champagne, silver, coral, navy and indigo-our bouquet of colours for the season ahead. Please chat with our knowledgeable team if you need some help. We never forget that you are the customer, and we want you to have a confident, memorable special day!