Ladies' day at Aintree is now history, with the Grand National weekend looming... don't forget that you will stand out from the crowd in any of our styling new dress and jackets. Whether you choose a neutral floral dress and jacket, with black border framing the design or a navy dress and coat, we have the biggest selection of ravishing hats (well , hats on alice bands) that we have ever offered.  Whether ivory mixed with navy , black or blue -coral flowers, hot pink feathers , lilac ribbon or a twist of lace--just take a look.  Match your outfit-or bang on trend :combine neutrals with vivid colour-think Audrey Hepburn playing Eliza, or Madonna as Evita. A chapeau mean glamour with a capital G-it shouts occasion.  You buy the hat, then match the outfit-or maybe the other way round, but once you have the outfit-book the occasion.  You have  an outfit for  the Queen's Garden party, that Charity lunch, that surprise wedding-or Ladies" Day at Ascot-be first past the post with chesca!