Met the most fascinating lady today in  the Designer Room in John Lewis Oxford Street, Imogen Sutton .  She has been nominated for a Bafta and an Oscar for her short animated film, Prologue-and needed outfits for Kensington Palace, Bafta ceremony and a host of festivities in Los Angeles.  Quite dizzy learning about lunches, cocktail parties, parties and that special red carpet ceremony, when needless to say, she will be stunninngly attired in chesca!  A diminutive size 3, we had a great afternoon, trying on jersey tops, (she bought a navy striped cardi to go with a pair of easy pull on navy pants and a zany black and ivory stripe to go with the same trousers in black) , velvet dresses and a mouthwatering pleated dress in midnight for the red carpet.

I am so flattered that she has been a customer of ours for ten years, on  Jlp online, in jlp Bristol and in our own  shop in Regent parade, Leamington Spa where her sister lives.  I am really privileged  to chat with so many interesting ladies, be it Imogen, or Lesley , a teacher who was worrying about her young son's wedding ,and who bought our 5 star reviewed navy cornelli dress with jacket, or the lady who had come all the way from Dorset to try on a 3 piece trouser outfit for that special event.

I love visiting the stores and the amazing insights I have into the lives of people all over the country and i learn such a lot-and hope i bring that knowledge into making curvy ladies confident and elegant.

Join with me in wishing Imogen the best of luck at both events, I for one will be watching closely tomorrow and in the coming weeks,