Maybe you'd like a little fun with a prize at the end of it?  Last week we had pink eggs scattered through the chesca website, this week, they are orange.  We will add some more throughout next week  and if you click on to them, you will get an Easter gift worth up to 30% discount off that item.

There are dresses, knits, jerseys and even coats for those of you who are still feeling the chill-or who need that special coat for a christening, the races, or because you live in Northumberland, North Wales, or Scotland! I noticed we sold 2  blue  barrel coats this week in chesca, JohnLewis Partnership Newcastle and even one orange wool in House of Fraser Glasgow.

Then , we introduce our Easter "bonnets".  Our hats are now so popular that they sell in their dozens, and often, by Ascot, we are completely sold out.  Have a look on line and just add a note and we will send you a complimentary hat box as our gift.

Editor's note: just bought a pair of Michele jeans and a Basler t shirt from our sister website, www, , perfect for that Easter break I have ahead.  do log on and see the brands, some of which go up to size 26 -(a chesca 24 to our loyal customers)