Linens look lovely!


Easter is coming and with it, bunnies, lambs, Easter eggs and-dare I say it out loud  a change in the weather.  Yesterday, I wore a DRESS to work-first time in months, no tights, no jacket-a summer dress .  This has encouraged me to book a holiday--and see which linen dresses I should buy for the next few months..  I need white trousers too, two or three print jerseys and linen tops and of course, some jewelled sandals.

I thinks spots and stripes are trending this season.  So a striped linen   in ivory and navy and a spot linen in royal and white are must- have dresses or tops.  So cool and so fresh.  A navy dress with spotted panel , which is travel ready as it comes out of the suitcase is a major contender and i must have the new eclipse hem jersey top with stripes in various directions to wear on its own or as a jacket-perfect for travelling  from London to Cornwall.

I am looking forward to wearing ditsy florals in blue or ivory for romantic walks along the beach-----dreaming of far away places, but if the weather continues like this, it might be closer to home for the bank holiday weekend.