Regular readers know that I love the Autumn.  I love the rusts and reds, the beiges, the greens , and dark velvety nights.

Have you seen our deep orange cable coat?-I love it.  Bright and beautiful, with a cable collar, black buttons -and a major helping of STYLE.  Already worn the matching jumper with its framing roll neck and gold studs at neck and hips.  I have already turned a few heads with my slimline black jacquard pull ons, which are both comfortable and flattering.  Saving for the floral jumper in black and white with a tiny tip of orange and the unusual assymetric  black neckline.

I wanted a lime coat--not just any lime, but autumn lime, straight from the tree in my garden.  Now waiting for the repeat, arriving in November, maybe I will wear it by night, or maybe in the office with the little black and lime top with the crossover back detail.  Sold out from the chesca mat in John Lewis stores and in our stand alone stores from  Chichester  to Chester.

Have you seen our black jersey dresses? try our criss-cross sleeve with fluid mid-calf skirt-I wore it for our wedding anniversary or the one with the assymetric hem with mesh trim at sleeves and hem.  Trending trims,-stunningly simple but head-turning .

I love the colours of Autumn!