• Take a Break

    Noted that John Lewis styling service chose our front of brochure tweed coat for Anna Foster , T.V. presenter for her weekend break wardrobe!

    Love the way our scalloped tweed coat has been styled with red accessories and leggings

    to quote the professional "a minimal weekend wardrobe for maximum impact-combining country elegance with a hint of funky fashionista!"

    could not have phrased it better myself-and I will be wearing tis to walk our brand new puppy on Hampstead Heath


    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Cool & Cosy - Comfort

    Back to last time's theme of coats!

    As promised, the repeat of my favourite ivory/black coatigan is in--with a wait list of 20, we are going to have a bumper week of internet sales...and for those who already have one, wait and see the same coat in our ivory/black snakeskin textured jersey, out this week! or, too much, ivory/black for your wardrobe? we are bringing forward this outstanding coatigan in navy box texture heavy weight jersey-lovely for now and perfect for early spring too-so an investment buy....

    Love our famous cable coat -well half coat and half cape-now available in this season's delicious aubergine. With cable knit collar and unique snaffle fastening, this will be elegant for evening, as well as eye catching for walking the dog, and meeting your own George Clooney!  

    prefer a sensible quilt? well ,look no further-for aubergine, navy,blue,  silver, mink, black--the list is neverending, and the devil's in the detail from snaffles, silver buttons -and each with at least one zip (the double zip of course which can be undone at the bottom so you can sit easily in bus or train)-abuyer from John Lewis once told me that she could see our black bonfire quilt stream out of the tube station in the morning.  How surprised she would be to see that now we have several sizes of our unique design, and a list of colours including two tone shot fabric in nght sky blue and aubergine

    Well we started on an aubergine theme and now we have ended on it-and remember a coat is not only cosy, but so COOL! If you buy nothing else this season, you must buy a coat


    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Flawless Fit

    Had quite a few lovely letters this week , celebrating not only our ocassion wear styling but also our flawless fit

    Whether our lace evening wear, or our quirky linen dresses, we take a pride in our great fit, refining it constantly--lovely letters and  regular customers are our favourite compliments, and make us so proud that our efforts are appreciated-more importantly, make YOU feel confident and relaxed wherever you go.

    This week, we are going to a fashion show , for next spring.  We are planning on all shades of blue : glacier,  ultramarine, hyacinth, indigo and navy to begin the season with solft shades of dusty lilac to start with, some surprises in between, and then for summer hot colours of greens and raspberries for special events, and camouflage colours for linens and casual events.  More of that later, but it brings me back to those all important fits.

    I will wear our pleat dress with georgette sleeves, for the show, both flattering and creaseless, smart and timeless.  Its the dress on the front of our web, and I make no excuses for having written about it before.   This is our fourth repeat The pleats make it a flawless fit and it is so packable, as well. The most useful dress in my wardrobe--if you still have a holiday in mind, try the sleeveless version in coral or jade.  

    So many more pleaty dresses and separates, perfect for ocassions or desk to dinner, washable, packable, but most importantly, such a flattering fit

    First time on chesca web? give one of these items a try--you will be hooked forever, and will have an enviable figure, whatever your size

    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Let The Games Begin...

    The Commonwealth Games have just begun in Scotland, the torch has been throughout the land and now rests in Glasgow! Wow!

    To celebrate, we have chosen aubergine as our theme for this week's newsletter-to match the Scottish national emblem-the THISTLE!  Or at least, our nearest autumn colour-from our haze lace dress and jacket embellished with cornelli to our lace twinset , from our quirky knit cardi and matching jumper to our delightful jersey dress with exquisite shoulder line, this colour will stand out this autumn at chesca--and although, most are only available on line and Glasgow at present, we hope we might tempt you to pop one or two in your wardrobe ready for the season ahead.  Not quite ready to be head to toe in Aubergine-try our lovely jersey cardi in shades of aubergine -and team with our classic-zip pocket aubergine trousers and sleeveless top.

     All remind us of the Commonwealth Games-and this range will be in our boutique in House of Fraser, Glasgow next week-to honour hosting the Games, a great opportunity while you are there to see this stunning range, not in store until September.  

    Can't bear to think of autumn, while the sun is beaming, try a top which is embellished with its own silver necklace-in white-or deep pink-or -you guessed it- aubergine.   This sparkling necklace is attached to a silky jersey top which flatters your curves

    Next week, we introduce a feminine floral print mesh dress which is seamed throughout to flatter, which picks up our Commonwealth theme combining pink and grey with aubergine- look out for this-we expect it will sell out quickly i this run of sunshine continues- our brill idea to suit summer days and autumn parties.  Just wait and see....



    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Football Fans?


    Well, its over! No longer the talk of every get-together, we can all heave a sigh of relief, congratulate Germany and move on to our passion for fashion! Went to Scoop this weekend, a fashion show at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. A sea of neutrals for next Summer in khaki, ivory and sand-desert colours predominate, with a taste of tomato peeking out, in quirky, asymmetrical designs. Stripes are played with, chevrons, knits and woven combined with loose shaped tops, full mesh skirts and graceful palazzos--although never combine the two I would suggest if your figure is veering on the voluptuous.

    What of the season ahead, you ask? Well jersey is our favourite fabric from desk to dinner-soft and flattering, combining prints and plains--with a generous bow to crinkled pleating, perfect for your Summer holiday packing and quite subtle to match an evening sea! Neutrals in the guise of grey, navy, minks, and ivory dominate the Autumn collection, but each month we add an accent colour. The range for Autumn, as usual, features separates that build on the previous season-a pink and black pleat two piece, a pleated skirt, a black patchwork crinkle coat and camisole, all fit into your seasonal wardrobe giving it this Autumn's lift. But, dresses dominate at the start of the season-so easy to slip into-with ballet pumps early and ankle boots a little later. Much more flattering than football kit.....

    Our web has now been changed to our latest beaded dress in pink -or mink- with gunmetal beading and more than a hint of moorish design. Perhaps you will recognise the Taj by night--not quite moorish, but beautifully carved, and curved, like our stylish curvy chesca women, who ooze glamour and confidence.

    More soon

    Posted by Jacqui Green