Congratulation to the new couple and all the other grooms and gals who have chosen to share this special day with William and Kate.  In fact, CONGRATULATIONS, to all  the families who have chosen this year to celebrate a big day.  2011 will be remembered as was 1981 for many years to come.

chesca is happy to be represented at Westminster Abbey, when one of the guests wears our Navy butterfly dress and jacket, which has proved really popular with mother or the bride and guest alike-and a new delivery will be in within the next fortnight for June and July weddings in champagne and navy!

PLEASE LOOK AT OUR SPECIAL PROMO THIS WEEK ,to celebrate.  there are a no of new outfits as our own special extravaganza.

Chesca casual? Thats a surprise to all who say we don't do casuals-tiedye tee,s linens, cottons and even jeans are all in stock straight after Easter.  Will write again soon!