Pp  Precious stone! Famous engagement ring of Diana, Princess of Wales and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge--AND THE INSPIRATION FOR c h e s c a THIS AUTUMN.  Autumn neutralsof blacks, graphite, pebble and rock have vibrant  orange (of which more shortly!) and sapphire! for pzazz.

Initially, we have  romantic evening dresses, designed to emphasise your hourglass shape in stunning  saphire and eternal black.  A stretch cotton skirt with heavy blue and beige embellishment, silk chiffon tunics for summer nights, and ivory gypsy blouse.  Combine with "faux pleat" georgette  trousers, with vertical stitching-and others with spaghetti belt, which has become a signature of c h e s c a. Feminine sleeves and tucked bodices are a contemporary take for romantic evenings in barmy climes.  NOW in Oxford Street  John Lewis and soon to be on line--look out for a new look chesca, with neutral knits, quilted jackets, beaded evening wear. A brand new story every month, which will coordinate and complement -an investment for a confident woman who is looking forward to the exciting noughties with relish!

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