Expecting Valentine's Day chocs? Red roses? An engagement ring?--or has a member of your family received a proposal.

For practical brides, we have a delightful ivory lace camisole, jacket and skirt-all of which can be used afterwards for that once in a lifetime honeymoon, add a pair of ivory georgette trousers and a pair of black georgette trousers to make a capsule holiday wardrobe! Maybe add a jersey or two, and a swimsuit designed to take away 10lbs --practical, but luxurious!  Ivory hatinators , ivory lace shoes, an ivory satin bag complete your outfit for the special day, but equally useful for the future.

Practical mother of the bride or groom, try our violet dress and coat--add violet georgette trousers, camisole and jacket, and join the honeymooners--or book a cruise --you owe it to yourselves to relax after all the stress.

Lace outfits are all the rage this year, and chesca has at least a dozen, -navy, haze, barley, sand, cherry, apricot, silver grey--not just for weddings, but Ascot, holidays, Valentine's evening.  New styles in stock in our special shops--or view on line

Next week, butterflies float amongst the hearts!