April 21st marks the real birthday of our monarch, and this year is the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation.  Happy Birthday, too to all our other Aries babes-and to celebrate we have re-launched our regal mauve crinkle coat, which combines with matching knee length dress--or as on our cover page with georgette cami and palazzo trousers. A special colour, this outfit is not a blue or a purple but is the colour of irises, tall and regal and only available briefly each spring.  The entire outfit is perfect for the bafta awards, to be held this month-did you know the Queen has just received an Honorary BAFTA, and is probably the most filmed woman in the world.  If you are invited or have a special birthday, why not treat yourself to this special outfit-equally suitable for a mother of the bride, so synonymous with c h e s c a .  Ring the changes and wear the cami and pants with our stone jersey jacket with exclusive mauve and coral print.  Complete this summer's capsule wardrobe with the stone jersey maxi dress, with matching print and embroidered diamond, combining mauve, coral and stone in our  c h e s c a  shop in  Christophers Place, St. Albans where all 6 pieces are displayed together or in our store in Tunsgate Square , Guildford, right in the front of the shop.

Zip up in style with our ivory linen tailored jacket-elegant when worn as a monochrome outfit, or perhaps you will get upgraded to first class effortlessly when you combine with matching ivory linen trousers.  This jacket is not only chic, but also has stitched down seams which slim and flatter-curvy girls take note, and available in sizes 12-24!   Linen is so cool, perfect for interviews, weddings and this year's holidays. This week we launch a brand new linen dress which combines natural tones-and there's a brand new jersey short sleeve cardi to match.  Arriving in our own stores this week and online.  A preview of summer in the city to coincide with the warmer weather, and my perfect choice for a summer dress, with shiny wedge sandles--and try a straw bag-in sizzling orange!