I was out on Tuesday night, a quiet evening after the bank holiday , and saw an iconic lady sitting nearby in a bar.  Clearly, it was Yoko Ono, with signature trilby and black suit, confident and relaxed.  You wonder why I have introduced this to the blog? Well it’s A for Attitude.  I believe life and style are all about attitude, passion and energy for life make one attractive, and that we are not defined by size or age. so A is for attitude.

B is for beautiful.  You are beautiful.  Most curvy girls have smooth skins, good teeth, fewer wrinkles-and a great décolletage! What could be more feminine?  So wake up, put on that lippie, smile (the most attractive thing of all) and choose that flattering outfit to frame your face. One of the most attractive women I know is 86. With silver hair and a size 20---but she can still turn heads.  She always looks immaculate and has a passion for life!

C is for my passion. ch e s c a .  I read the other day that Andy Street, the M.D of the John Lewis Partnership, does not get in early, but defined life as "a blur between work and play".  Well ,thats me, too-I work a little, play a little, then work a little more.  You will say, chesca is my own business, so that’s inevitable but I have always lived my life like this.  Work may have been bringing up my 3 sons, or maybe that was play, my Open University Degree I would define a combo of work and leisure, my teacher's training course-40 essays and 10 hours weekly practical work-I loved.  And i have loved developing the brand of chesca, soon to be 10 years old.  I wear it every day, and enjoy the comments.  Sometimes, it’s a raincoat which is 8 years" old worn with this season's top-£45 and a pair of last year's stretch jeans.  ch e s c a is not only outfits for weddings and race meetings, and christenings and cruising! Its a tonic for everyday-a linen trouser, which has stood the test of time,a silk skirt left over from a wedding visit in Ibiza, they are timeless hardwearing pieces---and my challenge, to invite you to share my passion.

So ABC-ATTITUDE, BEAUTY, CHESCA-most of all, a zest for all life has to offer.  By the way, Yoko Ono looked amazing!