Women are back in fashion Thinking about the New Year and about ideas for our 10th birthday-and thinking about our future for the next 10 years.

Our mission has always been to make curvy girls feel their best, to feel feminine and confident, and not to hide away. On your advice, we have decided to do our latest fashion shoot with a size 16 model-my guess is that you will think Zoe is a size 12. More important, when you get our brochure next month, I'm sure you will agree that she is so beautiful; stunning in her bridal outfit, curvy in her casuals and a source of inspiration for us all.

Whether, attending a wedding or looking for a stunning desk to dinner dress, or jet setting to sunnier climates -- chesca knows how to dress you. Why? Because all of us in the office are real women, with curvy figures like you, not Kate Moss.

A silk scarf here, a lace sleeve there, a penchant for pleating, chesca welcomes the future and revels in life. The story unfolds, make it happen and take a big step forward, with asymmetrical hems, transparent mesh bodices, and a brand new silhouette.

Please send for our new brochure, ready 1st February or see it in store