Ivory, champagne and white are not just for bridal, as most of you know.

Although we have a special bridal section, during my 10 years at the helm of chesca, I have learnt a lot about WHITE.

Firstly, graduation. In Dublin, they have walks for university degree ceremonies, where the girls wear pastels and white! This is suitable for a special occasion.

Secondly, when a bishop is ordained, his wife wears white. Perfectly understandable at this awesome occasion.

Thirdly, interviews, a white shirt ensures you look crisp, clean, efficient and is a subtle insurance policy.

Finally, holidays, a lovely golden tan is set to advantage with a stunning white dress or top and pants.  One of my regular customers always takes white outfits to wear in the evening, and I can understand why the light as the sun sets, and everything co-ordinates.


Mink, champagne, silver, coral , navy and indigo-our bouquet of colours for the season ahead. Please chat with our knowledgeable team if you need some help. We never forget that you are the customer, and we want you to have a confident, memorable special day!

So, next week's newsletter features WHITE. Perhaps you will enjoy a new departure.