• Celebrating 10 years!

    To celebrate 2014, and our 10 year Anniversary, we have launched our new website. We do hope you like it, and find it easier and quicker to navigate. You can now order on your smartphone or tablet as well as computer, knowing that we have satisfied customers, who continue to come back again and again.

    We are proud of our outfits for weddings in oyster, champagne, pearl and ivory, and equally delighted about our fame as a favourite for the parents of the "happy couple".  We have a new brochure ready today for events , whether red carpet, cruising or a family wedding.

    And a new leaflet planned, The Little Black Dress Book, for all those events when the only choice is ....a L.B.D.

    Do send for a brochure, with a discount code--we can send by post or online.  Just let us know, and we will send you the brochure-and pop your name on our list for the Little Black Dress Book.

    Enough of that, for those who have not noticed that the wet weather is never far away, have a look at our quilted rainwear. 2 way zips, exclusive quilting, cross-dye fabrics,studs, pockets, concealed hoods, subtle colours --we have it all! As well as our American rainwear which is reversible and perfect for the most gala occasion, as well as every day. Team with a stunning scarf-or a fur hat and cravat for cooler days.

    Try a new "coatigan", a heavy jersey or jacquard coat , designed for the warmer climate of the U.K  post global warming.  The Editor's choice for cooler mornings which warm up to 13 or 14 degrees C. at lunch time.  People say no one's buying coats--well ,this is not so at chesca.

    This is the first of my blogs on the new website, do let me know what you think of them.

    Jacqui Green

    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Take a Break

    Noted that John Lewis styling service chose our front of brochure tweed coat for Anna Foster , T.V. presenter for her weekend break wardrobe!

    Love the way our scalloped tweed coat has been styled with red accessories and leggings

    to quote the professional "a minimal weekend wardrobe for maximum impact-combining country elegance with a hint of funky fashionista!"

    could not have phrased it better myself-and I will be wearing tis to walk our brand new puppy on Hampstead Heath


    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Cool -and cosy -Comfort

    Back to last time's theme of coats!

    As promised, the repeat of my favourite ivory/black coatigan is in--with a wait list of 20, we are going to have a bumper week of internet sales...and for those who already have one, wait and see the same coat in our ivory/black snakeskin textured jersey, out this week! or, too much, ivory/black for your wardrobe? we are bringing forward this outstanding coatigan in navy box texture heavy weight jersey-lovely for now and perfect for early spring too-so an investment buy....

    Love our famous cable coat -well half coat and half cape-now available in this season's delicious aubergine. With cable knit collar and unique snaffle fastening, this will be elegant for evening, as well as eye catching for walking the dog, and meeting your own George Clooney!  

    prefer a sensible quilt? well ,look no further-for aubergine, navy,blue,  silver, mink, black--the list is neverending, and the devil's in the detail from snaffles, silver buttons -and each with at least one zip (the double zip of course which can be undone at the bottom so you can sit easily in bus or train)-abuyer from John Lewis once told me that she could see our black bonfire quilt stream out of the tube station in the morning.  How surprised she would be to see that now we have several sizes of our unique design, and a list of colours including two tone shot fabric in nght sky blue and aubergine

    Well we started on an aubergine theme and now we have ended on it-and remember a coat is not only cosy, but so COOL! If you buy nothing else this season, you must buy a coat


    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • London Fashion Week

    always exciting and heralding the real start of autumn, this weekend saw London Fashion Week, Premier Vision in Paris, and numerous weekend magazines showing distrinctive trends in coats.  Rejecting the "shaggy bear "look, chesca has gone for  quilts , wools and textured 3/4 coats.

    Our first coat of the season, an ivory/black  jacquard cocoon coat has sold out, although a repeat will follow next month for those prepared to be patient-or try it in mink and black-also one of the season's best sellers-we call it a coatigan!.  This week, we are following up with our threequarter seamed coat, which is stunning with trousers (our model, Katie, has been photographed wearing all 4 colours- note the interesting zip pockets-a fashion statement in their own right, but perfect to hide that all important credit card--now swipeable on buses and trains.) Brighten up those winter days in hot pink, red or vibrant orange or be subtle in "Grace Kelly" oatmeal.  if the pre-orders were anything to go by, this will be a sell out too.  Prefer a jacket, try our latest black hip length waterfall, with slouchy pockets in 100% wool.  Prefer a full length coat, try our double collar coat in black or viibrant red.

    Do have a glimpse , in spite of the warm weather-you won't regret it

    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Glitz and Glam!

    Our latest newsletter shows our divine evening dress in black. Your shoulders will stun with the tiny beaded flowers which continue in a shaped vertical panel, creating a bouquet of flowers which draws the eye away from any lumps and bumps. Translucent stretch georgette is ruched onto the panel and tempts and titillates on the decolette which is revealing but flattering at the same time. The hem is fluid, and the length designed to reveal those slender ankles. We love this dress, and it is available ONLY on the chesca web in black, champagne and ivory. Maybe black for that important ball -or ivory if you're a bride next year! Do try one, it will be an addition to your wardrobe which you can wear year after year in any colour. Or have you seen our evening skirt in gold satin jersey with a translucent black overlay, encrusted with black embroidery at the hip. Katie is wearing our jersey tunic tucked into the elastic waistband, but the tunic can be worn over the waistband if your have a straighter shape, which will still show the beautiful embroidery.

    On that topic, take a look at Elizabeth, wearing chesca from head to toe at her daughter's wedding. Not only is she radiant in our silver grey dress and jacket, but she has coordinated her outfit with our matching feather trimmed hatinator, satin shoes and bag. Join us in congratulating the happy family. Thank you, Elizabeth for the photo and your compliments to our manageress in Cambridge.

    Posted by Jacqui Green