• Dusk to Dawn

    The days are getting longer, and lighter, which makes me think of our  sensational champagne outfits and accessories-we have added a three piece of camisole, kissed with lace , a long gored skirt and a lace jacket with a sprinkle of sparkle to the dress we introduced earlier--why? because we have learnt that those of you with a well endowed bosom, often have smaller hips and those with curvier hips can be a little smaller on the bust, or you may be a little shorter or a little taller--so the outfit gives a dress look which might fit  better.  A wider foot? try our satin pleated shoes to complete your outfit, and stay comfortable

    Nightfall-wave your wand and change your outfit to midnight lace.  The same 3 piece, a gossamer sheer dress and jacket with lilac bead work, a navy silk print with silvery fans--we will ensure you are the belle of the ball. Combine colour with cream cami, navy lace-add a trouser, a mink lace coat-our colours are crafted to co-ordinate.  Whatever your event, whether bride, bridesmaid,  proud mother or guest, you will find everything you need at chesca.  Slim? we start at size 10? Voluptuous -we can even sort out a flattering outfit if you are size 26

    Mink, champagne, silver, coral , navy and indigo-our bouquet of colours for the season ahead .  Please chat with our knowledgeable theme if you need some help.  We never forget that you are the customer, and we want you to have a confident, memorable special day!


    Posted by Peter Gibson
  • Mama Mia!

    The March Hare has arrived with swirling breezes and a chill in the air,  BUT the weather forecast for next weekend is warm, camelia and croci will start to blossom and you will be looking for something fresh to wear for spring, no doubt.

    We have added a special mother's day gift, for you or your mum-a dress for £99-amazing , but only available at this price on line and only until march 12th.  This time, our sizes start at size 10-we even have an 8 if you wish --on two sexy slimline silhouettes, which you can wear when hubby and children take you out for lunch and pamper you all day... well, I can dream , can't I!

    We have also bought some brand new accessories: reversible bags, in silver turning to gold, or ivory turning to green.  We have also extended our range of scarves, from butterflies floating over pink or lilac to vivid turquoise prints and subtle neutrals.  All our scarves can be worn as shawls for your holidays, or even as a pareo over that swimsuit.  am I thinking too far ahead? I wonder....  A new stock of jewellery has arrived, perfect to co-ordinate with our summer guest at wedding outfits, or as a little treat for mother's day.

    Bookmark  the computor or this week's newsletter out in a prominent position and we will send you the gift of your choice, -needless to say, we will exchange and refund if you are not happy with your purchase





    Posted by Denise Stimpson
  • Blue is the colour

    On trend this year is blue-plain blue, blue prints, and blue denim is back with a capital B.  Never out of fashion, but this year, all the major fashion pundits are talking about blue jeans, and we do not want the look to pass you by.  We have pull on pants in stretch denim which look great under a dress or tunic, -turn to new arrivals to see them , or the same shape in navy or black.  I noticed 2 ladies have already bought all 3, although they were only posted on Friday! 

    Navy is our favourite shade or blue , so have a look at our jersey dresses in navy, the drape dress with tucks at the shoulder is stunning and has proved the best sellers this week and our stunning empire line dress with contrast turq and navy print cowl is a great buy for all the year round glamour at only £105.  I met a lady in Marlow this weekend who was going to put one in her cruise suitcase, another in St Albans , who found it ideal in her role as a teacher.  

    Our newest navy long sleeve jersey , featured in this week's newletter features another hot trend.  Stripes of all sizes are in-and this top combines 2 sizes and acts as a "deceit" to slim the silhouette .Book one of our print tops--we have only bought 9 of each of these tops-yes, i know your holiday is later, but why not pop one of these blue prints ready in your summer suitcase to save last minute looking-all 3 tops are imported from France, the home of style...

    Back to that wedding, this weekend we have put on line our navy chiffon dress with blue beading--the height of glamour with swirly skirt and optional bolero.  Don't have the blues-wear them in style for every ocassion.




    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Dine and Design this Valentine-Love February 14th

    Meeting with your loved one tomorrow evening -has he bought you red roses?  Maybe he has bought you some jewellery-taking you out for a meal?  Are you making the meal?

    I am visualising your outfit--our brand new champagne dress with a delicate lace jacket, or our champagne cornelli  and baguette beads dress, with  lovely shawl. Or are you wearing black-our black dress with raised seams and tiny beads or our black dress with diagonal silver seaming complete with its matching bolero.  Velvet is lovely for Valentine's Day --how about our aubergine velvet wrap dress--so sexy-or our ebony velvet coat with jersey sleeves--there are only 3 or 4 left in the whole business-not sure if we will be able to repeat this for next year.

    finally, we congratulate Mrs J. P, who won our silver heart with real pearls in our prize draw last week.  Why not treat yourself to real pearls-a real bracelet for £20--we even have "black" pearls--actually they look lovely with navy--and you can not deny we have a lot of navy for day, navy for night, navy for the northern hemisphere-and smouldering navy for equatorial heat.  and we just have a new delivery from America of our navy raincoat, which we call sapphire which reverses to black.  Now, having travelled in a full circle (back to black!), I wish you a great romance, and send you love from chesca


    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Dress Rehearsal

    A double innuendo here.

    Yes, I want to talk about dresses.

    Now I love them! After years of wearing separates all the time, except for the most special occasions when only an evening dress would fit the bill. I love them for day, even in the cold with my black thermal leggings, socks hidden by my lovely new ankle boots (just bought my third pair this autumn) and a jersey camisole. Whether a grey two-tone jersey dress, a black drape and pleat dress or my favourite, a steel print mid-calf length dress and now looking forward to this week's navy cowl dress pictured online and the new drape dress with pleats on the shoulder. All smart and comfortable dresses that will take you from morning to evening. So desk to dinner!

    My top tip--if you have an occasion coming up, try on your outfit with the right tights, shoes, bag and jewellery, and smoothing underwear. Not once, but regularly. The number of ladies who right that they have an event "next week" and their dress is too small, too big, can we fast track their shoes, etc. Not that they haven't left plenty of time before choosing the all important dress, but simply because it no longer fits them, wrong length for the shoes, can't get the right undies. My tip, enjoy your party event by wearing it a couple of times, sit in it, stand in it, check the accessories--and on the day, leave plenty of time to relax, pop your makeup on (with a good primer so it will last), and change your dress rehearsal into the main event--life is not a dress rehearsal, it’s to be enjoyed, every single day, while you can!


    Posted by Peter Gibson