• Linens look lovely!

    Easter is coming and with it, bunnies, lambs, Easter eggs and-dare I say it out loud  a change in the weather.  Yesterday, I wore a DRESS to work-first time in months, no tights, no jacket-a summer dress .  This has encouraged me to book a holiday--and see which linen dresses I should buy for the next few months..  I need white trousers too, two or three print jerseys and linen tops and of course, some jewelled sandals.

    I thinks spots and stripes are trending this season.  So a striped linen   in ivory and navy and a spot linen in royal and white are must- have dresses or tops.  So cool and so fresh.  A navy dress with spotted panel , which is travel ready as it comes out of the suitcase is a major contender and i must have the new eclipse hem jersey top with stripes in various directions to wear on its own or as a jacket-perfect for travelling  from London to Cornwall.

    I am looking forward to wearing ditsy florals in blue or ivory for romantic walks along the beach-----dreaming of far away places, but if the weather continues like this, it might be closer to home for the bank holiday weekend.


    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • The Picture of Elegance

    I know you are fed up with me banging on about weddings, but its that time of the year when we are all fed up with winter, and we are thinking about an opportunity to dress up.

    Whether you are going to a wedding, as the bride, parent of the happy couple , relation or friend, it is great to dress up.  Perhaps you go every year to the races-Cheltenham next month (and our hats are 5 star reviewed), or you have a cruise booked.  Maybe you have a theatre evening booked-well look no further and glimpse our navy cornelli  lace coat and team it with a camisole, chiffon trousers or skirt.  A fabulous outfit whether you choose a cornelli lace camisole (ivory or navy ) or a  tiered chiffon one, and team with navy chiffon skirt or trousers.  You can wear each piece separately and wear the chiffon pieces time and time again-and  we have learnt that navy is your favourite colour.

    Be the Picture of Elegance



    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Chesca is your Valentine

    Hearts and arrows.  Chocolate and champagne.  Red roses.

    Our gift to you this weekend is £10 off -our silver grey collections-or anything else over £50.(does not apply to reduced items)  Type in  LOVE10 at the checkout for a little gift to you to lift your spirits this Valentine's day and available until nightfall on 14th.

    I would love you to glance at our feather collection.  A  jersey tunic, dress and jacket all scatttered with feathers to wear from 9 to Wine! Combine the separates with black fro office or lunch, white for holidays or silver grey and enjoy wearing this stunning print which we have crafted in the newest fashions exclusively for you.  Our jacket has an assymetric hem, our tunic curves low at the back and our dress has amazing shaping and a bell hem -all designed to flatter your curves.  

    Just try one on in store or in the comfort of your home and you will fall in love.


    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Silver - the most precious shade

    Have you ever bought a silver grey dress?  So flattering for any colouring and perfect for the most special occasion.  Whether you buy our chiffon crepe dress with chiffon cape edged with a band of  silver sequins, or our  three tier chiffon camisole with chiffon trousers and add a lace coat or a rose printed coat, you will feel chic but feminine. Try our chiffon rose printed dress with a matching  plain curvy shawl  Or try both our floral coral bouquet dress and coat together-silver with coral is a match made in heaven.  The dress is deceptively simple with a bias cut and oval neckline, the notch neck coat has a shaped waistline and slightly barrel hem , for the dedicated fashionista.

    Add silver satin shoes and a beaded bag to complete your outfit---and a coral petal and net hat or a silver grey saucer hat with feather trim and you will be smart enough to meet the queen for one of her annual Garden Parties, or your daughter's wedding!

    Enjoy our silver chiffon extravaganza--and look out for Valentine's day

    Posted by Jacqui Green
  • Join our birthday celebration with special discount on EVERYTHING!

    Well our birthday weekend offer is nearly over.  Every item on the web ( that are not reduced)  including our new spring ranges -even those new spring items not in until the first week of February- have an amazing birthday discount.

    To celebrate our birthday-which co-incides with mine in the first month of the year , we are offering 13% discount for our 13th birthday.  Although our 7 shops are also offering the discount, they will also celebrate on their individual birthdays, with fashion shows, nibble and fizz-so look out if you have a chesca store in your neighbourhood.  

    We hope you enjoy it, whether you need an outfit for that special occassion or a pair of jeans and a tee for that forthcoming escape!

    enjoy our birthday with many others who have taken advantage of our special offer.  its our thank you to you for making chesca so special


    Posted by Jacqui Green