• How to Tie a Scarf

    The key to wearing a scarf is learning how to tie it correctly! If you can master a few tried and true techniques, you can create several different looks. Read on for our guide.

    Posted by Neha Vispute
  • How to Dress Business Casual For Plus Size Women

    If your company has a business casual dress code, it can be difficult to pin down exactly what that means. If you wear plus size clothing, that adds another layer of complexity. It’s a lot to navigate. At least until now! Keep reading for all the information you need on building a business casual plus size wardrobe.

    Posted by Neha Vispute
  • What Colours to Wear as a Plus Size Wedding Guest

    All wedding guests must be careful to choose clothing that is flattering for them, but doesn’t take the spotlight off of the bride and groom. Read our colour guide and make the most of the occasion.
    Posted by Harmeet Singh
  • 6 Tips for Choosing Your Mother of the Bride Outfit

    In the past, the mother of the bride was expected to wear a traditional matron style outfit in washed out pastel colours and various shades of beige. However, luckily for modern day mothers of the bride, weddings are now becoming a lot less about tradition and more about individual preference....

    Posted by Neha Vispute
  • What is Plus Size in the UK? Providing Women of All Sizes With Stylish And Flattering Clothes

    Putting a number on plus size has always been a cause for discussion, but what is plus size here in the UK? Chesca crunches the numbers to educate and empower women in need of answers.
    Posted by Neha Vispute