• What is Plus Size UK? Providing Women of All Sizes With Stylish And Flattering Clothes

    At Chesca, we’re very proud of our ability to source amazing clothing for plus size women. We think that every woman deserves to look amazing on every occasion. We also want to educate and empower women when it comes to sizing. Here, we’ll go into some interesting detail about the...

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  • Best Coats For The Winter Months

    Our Best Cold Weather Coats For This Season
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  • 10 Wardrobe Must-Haves For The Autumn Season

    Some people are excited by the upcoming, cool-weather holidays. We’re excited to add some great new pieces to our wardrobe, and we think you will be too! It’s always exciting to see new fashion trends as each new season comes around. Autumn is especially fun as it allows fashion fans...

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  • Tieing the Knot with chesca

    Hearts are everywhere at the moment, with Valentine's day featuring on every page of newspapers and emails . Chesca has introduced stunning wedding dresses, flattering for every size and fit for the most glamorous ocassion!  Whether you prefer encrusted lace or delicate embroidery, chesca fits the bill---and adds a little...

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  • Our Holiday on the Riviera

    The colour of the Mediterranean Sea, or should i say, the colours.  chesca has looked at the colours of the Riviera and added the azure of the shallows to the blues of the deep and combined them all to make a range to take you out of winter and into...

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