Down under Dawn!A warm congratulations to Dawn French (form nother Dawn) on her new show in Oz and the new man in her life! and a big THANK YOU for wearing chesca from our violet story-- doesn't she look stunning -front page girl! This is part of her working wardrobe for her trip—it’s my favourite, and she is getting another in pink!

All about the dress

Have you seen looks we love--this dress is exclusively available on line-with the sleeves! and you can use these sleeves under any little black dress, or a violet bloom or a regal blue.... well , you get the picture...A new type of cover-up-which is sexy as well – ‘sleeves, please, Louise!’

Have you used our new feature in the search box--click colour (try violet) and see all the garments in the same co-ordinating story. Type knit for all the knitwear.

Buying something this month, get a £20 voucher to be entered in our a Autumn Draw-and win £50 or £100 of chesca items for your wardrobe. Just send your email and join our club--we love chesca and want you to love us too!

Best wishes
Jacqueline Dawn