What Colours to Wear as a Plus Size Wedding Guest

Author: Harmeet Singh

Choosing Your Colours as a Plus Size Wedding Guest

All wedding guests must be careful to choose clothing that is flattering for them, but doesn’t take the spotlight off of the bride and groom. If you wear plus size clothing, this can be even more challenging. You want to find something that looks nice, but all too often the selections are loud or matronly. Fortunately, there are some very workable solutions to this problem. For some tips on choosing the ideal colours and patterns, keep reading.

Can You Wear Black to a Wedding?

First some good news! You can absolutely wear black to a wedding. Forget about any outdated rules of etiquette that you may have heard about this. No, you won’t seem as if you are in mourning. Even better, this colour is fabulous for curvy figures, and there are black dresses in so many styles. All you need to do is find a dress that works for the occasion. For example, a floor length gown would be perfect for a very formal wedding, while a beach wedding calls for a lighter dress, perhaps a chiffon trim lace dress.

The only exception to this would be in the event that the bride and groom make a specific suggestion that you refrain from wearing black. In that case, you’ll have to choose something else. Fortunately, there are many flattering options.

Is it Rude to Wear Red to a Wedding?

It’s like a scene from a film. The bride and groom are ready to say their vows, and in walks a woman wearing a sultry, red dress. Suddenly, all eyes are on her, as the bride stands dejected and ignored. Is this accurate? Is it rude and attention-seeking to wear red to a wedding? Also, is red a good choice for plus-size attire?

Bad news. It turns out that pop culture has a basis in reality in this case. Wearing all red can make it seem as if you are trying to upstage the bride. It’s best to avoid it. That’s okay! Even though a deep red can be slimming, you can try on dresses in other colours until you find one that perfectly fits your figure.

In the meantime, if your heart is set on wearing red, it’s perfectly fine to wear read as part of a patterned dress. You can also accessorize with red. Try a red handbag, hat, or hair tie!

Is Cocktail Attire Appropriate?

Cocktail attire is slightly less formal than traditional, ‘formal’ attire. It’s much less formal than ‘black-tie’ wear. For women, this generally means wearing a dress that is a bit shorter. Think of something that you would wear out for a very nice evening. Your choice in dress should be attractive and classy. It should also be fitting for the dance floor. The classic little black dress is perfect here. 

The beautiful thing about cocktail attire is that you have plenty of room to be creative. As long as you stay within some basic parameters, you can put together an ensemble that is figure flattering, and fun to wear. Keep your body type in mind, then consider these tips:

  • If you have an athletic build, choose a dress that creates curves where yours may be lacking. A sweetheart neckline adds a bust line. A ribbon, side bustle, or other element that is centred on your hip can add curves to the lower half of your body.
  • If you carry your weight in your midsection, you likely have an apple shaped figure. Try balancing that with a full skirt. You can also show off your cleavage a bit with a deep neckline. What you want to avoid is wearing something oversized in an effort to hide your figure.
  • Many plus size women have an hourglass figure. This is great, because many dresses are designed to flatter women with curvy hips, and an ample bust. Try on a strapless dress, something fitted, or a pencil skirt.
  • If you have a pear shape, remember that a looser fitting skirt is usually more flattering for you. A-line dresses also work well for this body type. You can also emphasize your upper half with halter style top, or plunging neckline.

Can You Wear Beige?

There are some colours that simply aren’t ideal for a wedding. White is an obvious example of this. Unfortunately, if you have your heart set on beige, this is usually a poor choice as well. Colours such as cream, ivory, and beige are just too close to white to be appropriate for a wedding.

Of course, you may not be missing out on much if you eschew the beige for another colour. While this hue isn’t awful on fuller figures, it can create a nude look that could be less than ideal for a wedding. Worse, you could find yourself blending into the background in photographs.

What About Light Pink?

Light pink and other pastels are flattering colour choices for a wedding, especially a springtime ceremony. However, there are some guidelines to keep in mind. 

First, some shades of light pink are nearly nude. Avoid these like you would avoid wearing ivory or cream, unless you are using the colour to complement the dress, such as with a shawl. When in doubt, take a picture of the dress. If it looks nearly white in a photo, save it for a different occasion. You’ll also want to avoid pink or any other shade that the wedding party is wearing. 

Rules Made to be Broken

If your choice goes against the couple’s requests, or violates a rule of etiquette, then you’ll have to make another selection. On the other hand, rules of style should be seen as guidelines. Ultimately, your final choice should be based on your personal preference, and what you see in the middle. So, if you see a dress that you love, try it on regardless of colour. You may find that it looks amazing on you.